I have been writing mm fiction for at least twenty years. Though I’m a romantic, I find a lot of my plots carry a darker side to them. I like a happy ending but, sometimes, my men have to fight for it.

Aside from mm and romance, the settings/genres can be anything from contemporary to supernatural to scary (not so much that I scare myself!) to historical. The latter includes a tale of Antinous and Hadrian.


About my language…. I use New Zealand English as that’s where I live, so you’ll see a lot of -our and -ise in use. I’m also chronically in favour of single quotes for speech (since that’s also the norm in NZ). I do aim to use American spelling if/when I really publish my stories that are set there, and I’ll definitely be after reader feedback about proper usage (ie NZ ‘boot’ vs US ‘trunk’, in terms of cars).

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