My New Entrant school report – 1975! – says I like to make up stories. No, not lies (I hope!) so I’ve been writing for a while.

Gay characters came along in the mid-Nineties when I was studying Classical Studies for my BA. I do still write female/male pairings but they’re pretty rare.

Many of my story ideas carry darker themes. However, I’m also a romantic so, nine times out of ten, there’s a happy ending. Just, sometimes, my guys have to fight for it.

Aside from love and romance, the settings/genres can be anything from historical to contemporary (teen, young adult, new adult, adult (you know, 30+)), and flowing through dark fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, horror/scary.

Predominantly, I’m a novelist but I do write short stories now and then. Sometimes they sprout wings and turn into novels, sometimes they stay as is. I have published one such short story and do want to publish more, or even a collection.

By the way, the image in this section is Lake Clearwater, in the south island of New Zealand. My family have had a hut there for many years. The lake is good for trout fishing, which is why we go. On this particular visit, no trout.

Feel free to contact me at if you want to talk about writing in general or any of my blogs or stories. If you’re on Twitter, I’m there too: @Osirantinous

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