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I’ve been writing most of my life, but always for me. My family know I write, but they don’t know what since they’ve never read anything. But I made a deal with a good friend that 2015 was going to be the year when I worked hard (very, very) to get myself out into the world of public authorship. I am a member of, and have quite a few things on there (some of which might appear here) but also several novels which are not known to anyone but myself.

I’m not doing this to make money at all, but simply to let my writing see the light of day instead of hiding away in hand-written format or typed up in old MS Word docs.

I write m/m mostly these days. Didn’t start out that way but quickly went that way. Occasionally I spring a f/m on myself but my female characters (lead or otherwise) are truly few and far between. I worried about this – a straight female hooked on gay fiction – how crazy is that? But over the passed two years I’ve found that it’s not crazy and I’m certainly nowhere near on my own in the venture.

Still, I’m totally terrified about this. You always think you write well, that your characters are well-rounded and well-fleshed, your plots sparkling, your descriptions visual and then out you go into the ‘real’ world….. Well, as terrified as I am (there are some massive m/m fish in the sea) I’m also somewhat calm. People might hate but others might like, and I cannot please everyone, so that’s how I have to think or I’m never going to make good on that deal with my friend. That, simply, is not an option.

Tiny Explanation
Snippets is where I’m aiming to have previews of my work. Reader feedback is definitely welcome!

Journey is, obviously, the blog. Hopefully not too much ramble, but explanations of why I might right this or focus on that. (Or ask for help!)

Characters is where you’ll meet some of my guys. It’s a bit of a ‘backstory’ for readers and also a ‘playground’ for me, as I’m not terrific as character descriptions within plots. In fact, I’ve a few stories where I really don’t know what the characters look like!

So… the journey begins (and hopefully doesn’t end too soon). Always open to reader feedback, and general discussion.

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