About Jade

I’ve been writing all my life. I can back up this claim with my 1975 New Entrant school report which says I like to make up stories. However, it’s only in recent years that I’ve finally become serious about doing so and publishing them.

I write gay characters, but dabble in many genres and settings. Current short stories and novels-in-progress cover:

  • historical (ancient Rome, western, turn of the 20th century),
  • dark fantasy and¬†supernatural (I see these as being closely related. At least in terms of what I write),¬†
  • paranormal,
  • contemporary (YA, new adult, adult (30+…).

Many of my stories carry dark and unsavoury themes. Despite that, I’m a romantic so I do try to ensure my guys have happy and satisfying endings!

The author image here is me but from ten years ago, when I spent a dream month in Rome ogling statues and walking ancient ruins.

Feel free to contact me at jade@sjadecastleton.com if you want to talk about writing in general or any of my blogs or stories. If you’re on Twitter, I’m there too: @Osirantinous