This page aims to introduce you to some of the guys I’ve been writing about; such as quiet, stubborn Owen and his architect partner Andrew, or Ragen and his ghostly lover Arcady.

Since I’m often writing first person narrative, I can miss (entirely!) what a character looks like. This section hopes to provide a little bit of an insight into character characteristics, whether they’re first or third person narrators.


Owen’s one of those young men who hate telling others how they feel, and he absolutely refuses counselling. So as an inventive way to get him to open up, his partner suggested he complete a fictional-character guide. He’s agreed, but it’s not all plain sailing…


While Ragen is on leave from his dance troupe he finds himself inheriting a very large country house. It’s quite a change from his ‘shoe box’ apartment, but that’s not all he has to cope with. The house doesn’t come empty…

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